Being ahead of a set of techniques

Since its inception, each year, about 25% of turnover is spent on projects PARATRONIC Research and Development. From the inception of the company, the founders want to support the growth of PARATRONIC on technological innovation, research and development.

This will be the leader on a set of different techniques has enabled the company to ensure its reputation with a demanding clientele.

Today, the capacity of Research and Development PARATRONIC can be grouped into five main categories:

  • Microwave, EMC and overvoltage
  • Electronics
  • Image processing
  • Board computer
  • Computer

Microwave Laboratory, EMC and Surge

Customers can rest assured PARATRONIC regarding the reliability of enterprise systems regardless of external conditions and constraints. (Storms, pests, etc ...).This is the core business origin of PARATRONIC.

The laboratory microwave, EMC and Surge is in charge ranges lightning protection and surge suppressors but also involved in almost all projects. The means test and development (semi-anechoic room, spectrum analyzers, generators lightning strikes, etc.) allow PARATRONIC ensure a level of immunity vis-à-vis electric shocks and electromagnetic interference and provides the reliability of equipment in the harshest conditions.



Electronics laboratory

In developing The electronic analog, digital signal processing or data transmission systems, the electronics laboratory has expanded over the years. He is now responsible for development of all hardware solutions, for the development of sensors (piezoresistive, radar, ultrasonic) to that of automatic management of pumping or radio transmission systems.

Common Issues to all projects are reliability, simplicity for the user and the very low consumption of all products developed.


Image Processing Laboratory

Perform measurements or detections that are impossible by conventional means is the primary mission of the laboratory image processing.

This technology is at the heart of innovative solutions. The image processing laboratory of PARATRONIC has, among its accomplishments, the development of ADELIE automatic detection of forest fire starts providing surveillance of several forests in France.



Onboard Computer Lab

Put the power and ease of use of computers in autonomous energy products is thechallenge that the onboard computer lab.

Involved in many projects, the onboard computer lab, among others, showed the extent of its knowledge through the development of data acquisition units combiningICT with basic field of metrology and data acquisition.



Computer Lab


Whether flood, fire or landslides: crisis management requires giving users the software tools really adapted to their needs but also to create an easy and intuitive use.

Windows or Linux (thin client or not) integrating mapping or manager of field measurements and images, the solutions provided by the Computing Laboratory are always real-time, fully integrated into decision-making chains and service users from for work done in partnership with professionals in each area treated.