Fire Monitoring  ↓


Keeping in mind the lost of life, the cost of a forest fire depends on three main components:

  • The cost of properties destruction (buildings, power lines, telecommunications, road and rail infrastructure, …)
  • The cost impacts of some medium-and long-term fire on our environment
  • The cost of the fight itself

The automatic detection of forest fires ADELIE detects the presence of smoke in the environment through a unique principle of catch and image processing. It allows for one or more points in height, to ensure continuous and 360-degree detection and location of outbreaks of fire.


  • early and systematic detection fire
  • the precise location of fire starts
  • the instantaneous transmission of information to professionals in order to describe the outbreak of fire
  • to track real-time traffic lights to the PC and / or CODIS


This reduces the area burned and it reduces the costs of monitoring and the fight against fires

It monitors where and when you want

  • 24 / 7
  • Year-round or only during risk
  • A parcel or territory in its entirety

It limits the risks, including risks human

  • Less isolated man on the ground or in the towers of lookouts
  • Unless this man the same height points and antennas GS

Adelie saves your time

  • Surveillance over 360 ° every 2 minutes
  • Proactive monitoring at all times
  • An alert sent instantly
  • Extremely accurate positioning
  • Instant viewing and real-time disaster even before the first vehicle was dispatched to the scene of the accident

It draws lessons from the past

  • After the crisis, images allow to study the event and the progress of the intervention
  • The database supplied to each event can produce statistics needed for the continuous improvement of prevention and control
  • monitoring of fire on the big screen to the central station during the intervention (different units, Canadair, …) can learn from each action.