The assurance of being alerted

The number and magnitude of natural disasters and their economic and social consequences are increasing worldwide. At the same time, the sensitivity of societies to natural hazards remains strong against threats posed to human beings and the environment.

Prospects for climate change linked to increasing greenhouse gases emission increase the probability and intensity of these kinds of disasters. Among the natural hazards, forest fires and floods are the two main risks.

Recent events show more than ever that knowledge and a close-prevention of natural hazards allows, to limit their impact on human beings and property in order to avoid tragic consequences.

In this context PARATRONIC created a department dedicated to natural disasters prevention and crisis management that may result of these natural disasters.

PARATRONIC, key player for the flood risk management, helped for several years, its skills with services struggles against Forest Fires.

Paratronic implements simple and effective systems that meet professional's demands in the fight against natural disasters.

Although techniques used are appropriate to each area, the requirement of Paratronic group , strengths and purpose are the same regardless of the environment concerned.

Paratronic Fire Monitoring

A growing fire is unlikely to grow and be easy to fight. That's why, ADELIE almost instantly detects and locates all the fire starts. This tool developed by PARATRONIC continuously delivers the images to quantify how to fight fire. This new tool can track in real time the evolution of fire.

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Paratronic Water Monitoring

PARATRONIC solutions are systems that are issuing information in real-time with low power consumption enables the implementation of measures almost continuously.

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Natural hazard monitoring

PARATRONIC provides comprehensive protection of natural hazards, whether:

  • flood
  • forest fires
  • landslide
  • automatic sensors tailored to different field and problems
  • pretreatment or treatment, low-power measurements
  • data transmission and alerts simultaneously by different tools of communication
  • centralization of alerts and information gathered
  • a crisis management software developed ergonomically tailored to fit perfectly in the organization of civil protection services
  • a fully integrated system in the existing processing chains (automatic data exchange with GIS software alerts, etc…)
  • a complete archiving of data collected which allows to learn from previous disasters
  • certified materials to ensure operation even under the conditions of a natural disaster
  • full redundancy of all system elements to ensure operation 24/7
  • perfect cooperation with professionals responsible for studying, monitoring and management of environmental hazards