Water monitoring ↓


Populations affected by floods are becoming more numerous, the damage is more expensive to our society, it should be noted that climate change also causes severe low flows that scarce water resources.

Understanding, monitoring, better inform the public of flood risks, acquire data and therefore the knowledge to react in time, these are subjects on which PARATRONIC develops simple and efficient systems, in close collaboration to meet professionals in the fight against these scourges.

As a result,

  • The acquisition of rainfall data, water level, flow and physico chemical
  • Transmission in real time or at regular time for a centralization of information, data storage
  • The transmission of alarms
  • Create an history of actions and events
  • Data exchange or inter-cross-application for flood forecasting or the sharing of hydrological
  • Data, are now essential elements for managing hydrology whether flood forecasting and flood or the management of the water resourcesressource en eau.

The proliferation of private solutions which developed through the offers from different manufacturers, incompatible equipment from different backgrounds is now the main obstacle to the evolution of existing systems. The multitude of communication protocols, different operating systems and the desire to preserve monopoly positions pushing manufacturers to close their systems.

These solutions are unsuitable for inclusion in any new schemes, other than those controlled by the original supplier. This situation, very uncomfortable for users, lead to stiffness and especially of very limited development opportunities that make systems obsolete. Our offer is part of a radically different approach and ensures investment protection because it is an open and scalable.

Notre offre s'inscrit dans une approche radicalement différente et garantit la pérennité de l’investissement car il s’agit d’un système ouvert et évolutif.

  • Multi Protocols software to accommodate the monitoring network of existing materials or allow users to create networks integrating material from various suppliers
  • Materials using open protocols and royalty-free
  • Compatibility with all media (radio, GSM, PSTN, satellite, …)
  • Using Interfaces in "thin client" that allow the use of all types of machines and operating systems
  • Pas de limitation du nombre de postes clients (pas de licence limitant le nombre d’utilisateurs),
  • No limit to the number of client (no license restricting the number of users), Universality of the programming language that allows the use of all types of machines and operating systems as diverse as Windows or Linux