PARATRONIC has always associated its capacity for innovation and R & D at a high level of listening and collaboration with users. Reference materials manufacturer in France about hardware, software and integrated systems of water management, environment and natural hazards, PARATRONIC is organized into two departments:


«Water & Environment » department

The department "Water & Environment" PARATRONIC brings its expertise since 1984. Our company did work with the greatest players in water and environment areas. The internal total knowledge of the design, development and manufacture of equipment gives PARATRONIC a particular capacity in terms of responsiveness and user support.

French leader to manage and automate, and to measure the production of water, sanitation, PARATRONIC "water environment" is present in six countries: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Morocco. In the last 5 years, around 20 000 sites have been equipped with PARATRONIC technology.

"Natural Hazards" Department

Founded during the 90's, the PARATRONIC "Natural Hazards" department is specialized in conception, design and implementation of surveillance systems and crisis management. It must all be used for the safety of persons and properties, in the most severe environmental conditions as:

  • Announcement of flood
  • Monitoring of landslide
  • Monitoring of forests to detect, locate and track the development of fire outbreaks
  • Management of dams in case of remote controls
  • etc…